Selflessness is sexy

Many reasons for altruistic behaviour have been identified. New research may have found another: it’s sexy. A psychological experiment at Oxford suggests that being selfless is attractive to the opposite sex.

Humans, apes and monkeys share food for the same reasons

Food sharing is a common human behaviour necessary for our survival, but the underlying reason we share food has been difficult to determine. New research seems to have figured out the underlying motivation for food sharing in humans, and it’s the same motivation that drives other primates to share food!

The social brain hypothesis and crows

The social brain hypothesis posits that one of the reasons large brains developed is to allow us to live well in large social groups. With a large brain we could remember more people, allowing us to live in larger groups. These allowed us to search a larger area for food/defend a larger territory/provided more mating opportunities etc.;…

The evolution of lie-detection

Lying has played an important role in the evolution of humanity. Being able to cheat others out of resources obviously confers advantages upon the deceiver, but it also creates a selection pressure for cheater-detection. Evolution simultaneously develops better cheaters and people better at spotting and stopping them. This eternal battle is the key to the…

Caring Homo erectus

Empathy is an important human emotion, forming the foundation of the social emotions which underpin our communities. Our desire to care for one another – often at great personal cost – has allowed us to develop the society we know today. The importance of empathy has not been missed by academics, who have for centuries…