Scientists baffled….in a minority of cases

Scientists are baffled is how a lot of media stories start; but just how representative of science is that statement? Answer: not very


EvoAnth gets published

Earlier this year I wrote about how the large creationist organisations, like the Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis, tend to present a distorted view of human fossils; downplaying the size and scope of the evidence for human evolution. The National Centre for Science Education (NCSE) – an excellent organisation that fights creationism in American public schools…

EvoAnth on a Creationist show

I recently appeared on The Truth is What Matters, a creationist internet show I’ve discussed before. The folks there are perfectly friendly and wanted to have me on to discuss these matters further. Unfortunately my internet connection was dodgy, I lost my notes halfway through and I couldn’t really hear the guy on the phone…