Venus figurines, Indonesian art and the interconnectedness of the Stone Age

The Venus figurines were manufactured across Europe for tens of thousands of years during the stone age. How could ideas like this spread before mass movement, mass media and mass hysteria?


When did humans leave Africa?

Fossil evidence indicates that modern humans evolved in Africa around 195,000 years ago (McDougall et al., 2005). Genetic data confirms this, showing that all living people share an African ancestor that lived ¬†around this time as well (Soares et al., 2009). However, if we’re all African at heart this raises the question of when did…

Earliest Southeast Asian human discovered

The Out of Africa (OoA) hypothesis postulates that our species arose in Africa from earlier archaic forms from 400,000 – 195,000 years ago. Then, ~60,000 years ago, some of our ancestors migrated out of Africa and colonised the rest of the world, out-competing their hominin relatives who were already living in these other regions. However,…