EvoAnth on a Creationist show

I recently appeared on The Truth is What Matters, a creationist internet show I’ve discussed before. The folks there are perfectly friendly and wanted to have me on to discuss these matters further. Unfortunately my internet connection was dodgy, I lost my notes halfway through and I couldn’t really hear the guy on the phone in part 2. As such this probably isn’t the best performance I could’ve put in.

We’ll probably do another show together, hopefully with a more stable internet connection. In the meantime, I hope you can at least derive some enjoyment/interest from the show (even if it is just to see me failing rather badly). And remember, if you want me to appear on your show, podcast, blog or pub just use the contact me button at the top of the blog.

Damage control done, here is the show.

5 thoughts on “EvoAnth on a Creationist show

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  2. Hello,

    I’m a believer in Intelligent Design and I have a question: Do you believe that people like me and others who don’t believe in Evolution are retarded?

    And if you do (I hope you don’t) Isn’t this similar to in-group/out-group biases that atheists accuse religionists of. (e.g. whoever doesn’t agree with us is x where x could mean [idiotic, hell-bound, infidels, pigs, derogatory terms ad infinitum…] )

    • I don’t necessarily think you’re retarded for not accepting evolution, just wrong.

      Maybe you just haven’t really thought about the issue much, perhaps you’ve been misinformed by others, could be there might be a flaw in your reasoning somewhere or maybe you’re actually intellectually dishonest. What reason you have, along with how you react to criticism of that reason, are what determines if any insults are necessary.

      Not just the fact you disagree.

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